Как получить код для покупки конструктора

Как получить код для покупки конструктора

The category “DESIGNER” is created for regular customers and is available with the ACCESS CODE.

“DESIGNER” means:

– the possibility to order only the required element of the basic configuration set for your next project;

– automatic discount of 5% for goods in the categories “SETS”, “SCHEMES”, “MATERIALS”;

– free access to 5 schemes for bead embroidery of TM Alexandra Tokareva (schemes are available on a rotating basis);

* (the discount is available when entering into a purchase order only through the shopping cart. When entering into a purchase order at the top, the line appears “Do you have a coupon? Click here to enter the code”. Click here, in the appeared field enter your ACCESS CODE and click APPLY COUPON).

ACCESS CODE is an eight-digit password located in the upper left corner of the schema information sheet. It is given to each unit of the scheme since April 2018. The password is hidden by the protective erasable layer and is available only to the buyer of the set of TM Alexandra Tokareva.

Everyone interested, who will confirm the purchase of our products (from 2009 to April 2018) can get ACCESS CODE. For confirmation it is enough to send your photo with a set, a schema, a ready-made work, to e-mail tokarevabiser@gmail.com

I invite you to visit the category “DESIGNER”.

I really appreciate you. I’m sure you’ll find something interesting for yourself.

With respect, Alexandra Tokareva.

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